Best Romantic Korean Dramas

These romantic Korean dramas are a must-see. It Is always enjoyable and relaxing to watch a lighter romance drama with buddies or a companion. Seeing something so genuine and realistic happen on television not only warms your heart, but it also makes you feel better. And, with Korean culture sweeping the globe, romantic K-dramas are in high demand.

Something in the Rain (Netflix)


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Something in the Rain might have simply been a cliched romantic drama. It contains all of the expected elements: stunning protagonists, beautiful scenery, amazing music, and a plot you have probably heard, seen, or read before. It is, nevertheless, far from cliched. The drama covers the ubiquitous yet complex topics of social ironies, family limits, organisational politics, daily misogyny, and heartache in its portrayal of Jin-ah and Joon-hee’s romance. hee’s.  However it does so with remarkable care, delicacy, and sincerity that the storyline educates the audience about South Korean culture.

It’s ok that’s Love – (Amazon Prime)

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It’s Okay that’s Love premiered on SBS in 2014 and is centred on mental health. Jang Jae Yeol, a successful novelist and radio DJ, exudes such humour and personality that it’s hard to believe he had such a terrible history. I suppose you could say he was capable of living his life on his own terms, but memories from his upbringing would plague him for days at a time. He was traumatised as a child after witnessing his dad beat his mother to death (with his elder brother assaulting Jae Yeol as well). He befriends Ji Hae Soo, a calm, gloomy, yet often amusing psychiatrist who has been damaged by her mother’s adultery, during one of his radio programmes. After her ex-boyfriend betrayed her, she went through it alone, which contributed to Hae Soo’s dread of commitment.

One spring Night (Netflix)

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One Spring Night is shot in a far more down-to-earth approach, with mostly modest expressions from its cast and scenarios that one may encounter in everyday life. Since Jeong-in and Ji-ho are no longer teenagers, they’ve had their share of life events and are stuck in their own depressions. They’re both fascinated by one another, and they believe that their prolonged existence is upending all they thought they understood about love and passion, but lives aren’t that simply upended. We liked that, although Jeong-in isn’t looking forward to being advised when she should get hitched, she isn’t abandoning her partner like a bag of dirt simply because she found someone new. And there’s a reason Ji-ho’s son doesn’t stay with him that we don’t know about. When you’re in your 30s and get into a relationship, you’ll discover that complexity as well. This relationship may take its time to build and cope with all of these issues.

Strong woman Do Bong Soon – (Amazon Prime)

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The plot follows Do Bong-soon, a 27-year-old lady with hereditary superpowers. Her ideal profession is to create a video game based on herself, in which she may effortlessly beat up evil characters without having to worry about her name being revealed. She is self-assured, sarcastic, and sweet. I liked how she walked right into situations that would make a regular person nervous or hazardous. It features cartoonish comedy throughout, including noises and special effects, and as a result, scenes were 10 times more charming than typical by kdrama norms. There was plenty of hilarity, which was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that it wasn’t meaningless. The narrative of the programme had a sense of gravitas to it, and each moment, no matter how comical or lighthearted, was brilliantly and intelligently placed.

Doctor stranger – (Netflix)

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Park Hoon’s father is a world-class cardiac surgeon who has been summoned to North Korea. Park Hoon’s mother refused to provide for him, so he took him with him. However, the father-son combo was duped, and they were not permitted to re-enter South Korea. Months later, Hoon, a brilliant physician on the rise, and his lover Song Jae-h-Hee attempt to flee to South Korea. Hoon travels alone as the plot goes bad. He’s been seeking for Jae-hee ever then. He is employed as a surgeon by happenstance, where he meets an anesthesiologist named Han Seung-Hee, who seems just like Hoon’s Song Jae-Hee. She flatly denies being Jae-Hee, but Hoon fails to understand her and insists that she is. The rest of the plot revolves around two additional characters who work at the hospital, Han Jae-Joon and Oh Soo-Hyun. The story is about government corruption, vengeance, hidden murders, and medical drama, in addition to the love. In reality, there’s a lot more to it than just romance.

My love from star – (Netflix)

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The narrative begins with an extraterrestrial spacecraft arriving on Earth in 1609, specifically in Joseon. Let’s jump forward 400 years: Do Min-Joon, an extraterrestrial that seems to be human, youthful, and extremely attractive, hasn’t grown a day since arriving on Earth. He works as a lecturer in Korea and has only one acquaintance who is privy to his actual identity. Cheon Song-Yi is a fiery, brash, and apparently self-absorbed actor who is dealing with a slew of anti-fans as well as her profession. With Min-Joon unable to sleep due to his enhanced listening to her drunken stupor invading his apartment and falling asleep on his sofa, she transfers next door in Min-Joon’s apartment complex, sparks flare.

Romance is bonus book – (Netflix)

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The drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book” tells the tale of a lady in her mid-thirties (Kang Dan Yi, portrayed by Lee Na Young) who wishes to find employment after taking a long sabbatical to care for her husband and child. Since they were toddlers, she has been companions with Cha Eun Ho (played by Lee Jong Suk). They grow from buddies to lovers during the course of the drama. The narrative is comforting and lovely, and it’s also educational because it takes place in a printing firm, which I found fascinating because it explains how books are manufactured, which was a nice touch. The storyline takes a time to develop since it focuses on regular folk going about their regular lives instead of a protagonist with a specific objective to achieve. There is no enemy in this drama; it is all about genuine people dealing with real-life situations.

Her private life – (Netflix)

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This is a programme that is mostly defined by the connection and appeal of its main characters. Park Min Young is wonderful and seems to be both accessible and ambitious, while Kim Jae Wook impresses in his first romantic leading man part as the Perfect Partner who has the ability to turn you into a flood on a daily basis. From the extremely natural skinship – ranging from sizzling heat to distractedly pleasant – to the amazingly wholesome talks that they routinely exchange; a treasured novelty in Dramaland – the exchanges between our OTP are a great highlight. Everything else is mostly established for the primary relationship, but Show does a good job of making it enjoyable and engaging, with a wonderful cast of lovable supporting characters, a lovely selection of OST music, and a strong focus on the fandom experience.

I’m not a Robot – (Netflix)

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Due to a serious intolerance to other people, Kim Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) stays alone. When he comes into touch with skin, he suffers severe rashes that quickly spread across his skin. Jo Ji-ah (Chae Soo-bin) is a lady seeking to establish a name for herself in the business world. She ends up claiming to be a robot in replacement of the purported Aji 3 robot following an interaction with Min-kyu. Professor Hong Baek-kyun (Um Ki-joon), Ji-ah’s ex-boyfriend, and his group designed the Aji 3 robot. The robot was supposed to be examined by mastermind Min-kyu, but the robot’s battery malfunctioned due to an accident.

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