Comedy English Movies in Amazon Prime

Here are 10 must-see English comedy films available on Amazon Prime Video that will have you rolling with laughter with laughter. We offer everything you could want for a rib-tickling adventure!  

1. Spaceballs (1987)

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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Brooks’ Star Wars spoof isn’t especially complex, but it should appeal to older youngsters and adolescents who enjoy silly comedy. Spaceballs, like most of Brooks’ work, delights in coarse, occasionally childish jokes. When Dark Helmet, a Darth Vader-inspired figure, first emerges, he pursues the camera with his face-obscuring mask on, breathing deeply. “I can’t breathe in this thing!” he shouts as he pulls up the top of the mask to expose a nerdy-looking Rick Moranis. There are times when the film really peaks. Excessive commercialization is chastised in a hilarious sequence in which Yoghourt (Brooks) sells it all from Spaceballs toilet roll to Spaceballs flamethrower.

2. Heathers (1988) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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Heathers is a pitch-black satire that kids will certainly want to watch, but it’s best for individuals who are just graduating from ninth grade and up. The cruelty of the common mob and the uprising against it are depicted to extremities in this film. Intoxication and gunfire are used to kill the popular youngsters, and their suicide notes are faked. There have been two additional “actual” suicide attempts, as well as self-mutilation and alcoholism. The main protagonists engage in a lot of shooting, and there is one gruesome moment. J.D. uses explosives to try to blow up the facility and all of the children. Teenagers have sex, both outside and during a frat party and talk about it coarsely. Two of the lads are physically promiscuous towards each other. There’s also a lot of homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric.

3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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This private investigator farce represents the film debut of American comedian Jim Carrey, whose performance appears to consist primarily of facial gestures, manic quirks, and rubber-limbed goofiness, at least according to this evidence. Carrey plays Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, a modern-day Doctor Dolittle crossed with Lt. Drebin from Naked Gun, an animal sniffer-outer who excels in restoring pets to their parents.  Ace is called in to hunt down the burglar after the Miami Dolphins’ mascot goes missing shortly before the Superbowl.

4. Super Troopers (2001)

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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“Super Troopers” appears to have been directed as a do-it-yourself job, with directions that leave out a few parts, yet the film nonetheless has an irresistible appeal. Imagine a bunch of Vermont state policemen that see their employment as a chance to put on actual Candid Camera scenarios. Assume that all of the troops aspire to be stand-up comedians. And that viewing “Police Academy” films motivated them to join the force. However, they are essentially nice people. That pretty much sums it up.

5. Shanghai Knights (2003) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
The film begins with the requisite dramatic prelude from the Screenwriter’s Code: Sinister invaders steal China’s Great Seal, and its keeper is slain. The protector is, obviously, Chon Wang (Jackie Chan), who is mayor of Carson City, Nevada, and busily noting down a handful of the evil ones he has caught when we meet him after the introductions. When his lovely sister Chon Lin (Fann Wong) informs him of the incident, Wang rushes to New York to rejoin his old companion in arms Roy O’Bannon.

6. Napoleon Dynamite (2004) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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Anyone with a self-esteem issue should watch Napoleon Dynamite as part of their therapy. No one could possibly be in worse condition apart from the lead of Jared Hess’ wonderfully amusing high school satire, no matter what kind of a failure he perceives himself to be. Hess offers a picture about nerds that makes Revenge of the Nerds appear like the Hollywood claptrap that it is, with a low-key sense of comedy and without the smallest hint of romanticism. Napoleon Dynamite isn’t about a charming, lovable, unfussy film nerd; the protagonist is depressed, rude, and knows what occurred at Columbine. There’s a lot of hilarity in this movie.

7. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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A film that is so hilarious, stunningly insulting, and dangerously condescending that it should not be legal at all. Our protagonist flees his impoverished Kazakh hamlet and heads over to New York with a cinematographer and an obese and untrustworthy producer to film a movie for state television. In his cheap hotel room, whose luxury has indeed led him to cry in astonished ecstasy, he had an insight. He gets infatuated with Pamela Anderson while watching a rerun of Baywatch and travels across the United States to Los Angeles, where he fantasises of submitting her to the Kazakh forcible-marriage ceremony, which he thinks will be just as legitimate in America as it is in Kazakhstan.

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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Gustave is vivacious and meticulous, taking great pleasure in his establishment’s rigorous expectations and disciplining his personnel with a rod of iron. He’s dressed in a Ruritanian purple uniform that complements the hotel’s dcor, just like them. With the hotel’s more affluent patrons, Gustave projects a charming worldly desire and respectful closeness, and although his quasi-military accuracy in treating his staff, Gustave can sometimes slide into high-camp comfort with the visitors. In all of this, Fiennes is just fantastic. Gustave resolves to tutor the hotel’s defenceless lobby lad, orphan refugee Zero Moustafa, portrayed by 17-year-old Tony Revolori, for reasons best known to himself. Gustave discloses the fuel that propels the success of his hotel to Zero..

9. The Big Sick (2017)

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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The gags and insightful content are generally front-loaded into the opening 15 minutes of rom coms created by standup comedians. However, as the story’s wheels start turning, the hilarity fades away. It has to do with the desire to empathise with the protagonists in order to jump on board for the approaching good outcome and leave behind the scepticism and wrongdoing that supplied the environment for laughs. Kumail Nanjiani, comic actor, with Emily V Gordon, co-writer of their classic film The Big Sick. It’s a strange-than-fiction chick flick with a lot of warmth and tenderness that, after the introduction, drags you into a purposeful gravity. When most romcoms start their semi-intentional drift away from sarcasm, there’s a quick pang of fear.

10. Knives Out (2019) 

 English comedy on Amazon Prime
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Johnson returns to his origins in the brilliantly amusing Knives Out, with a modernised tribute to the Agatha Christie whodunnits he adored as a kid, as well as the “slyly conscience” cinematic versions in which Peter Ustinov would guide an all-star ensemble through a complex homicide case. The location is a haunted mansion in modern-day New England, where crime-writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) has just died suddenly in his basement office, capping his 85th birthday festivities. Knives Out maintains a throbbing person’s heart into which blades are routinely stabbed, thanks to a humorously verbose writing that offers more laugh-out-loud moments than some of the year’s supposed comedies. With Curtis’ magisterial portrayal achieving that mix between the witty and the compassionate that is the film’s characteristic, Linda delivers a bitter warning that all of this amusing intrigue is playing out in the aftermath of a series of unfortunate events. Latest Bollywood Movies in Amazon Prime

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