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Bollywood’s world-famous musicals are only a small part of Indian entertainment. There are regional plays in a variety of languages from across the country, incredible short films, and, most recently, some truly fantastic television – but let’s start small.

Amazon provides a large library of Hindi movies, which are the most popular language for Indian films and include a wide range of genres.



February 2022

P.C : ndiachron

Romantic Drama

Director: Shakun Batra

Starring: Deepika Padukone; Siddhant Chaturvedi; Ananya Panday; Dhairya Karwa


Alisha (Deepika Padukone), a yoga teacher, believes that her personal and professional lives are in shambles. She’s having trouble finding an investor for her fitness app, and her six-year relationship with Karan, a struggling writer, has reached a standstill.

Just when she thinks she’s had enough of her boring life, her filthy rich cousin (Ananya Panday) and her nice and hot fiancé Zain show up (Siddhant Chaturvedi). Within a short period of time, Alisha and Zain become oddly attracted to each other and embark on a passionate love affair, putting their individual partners in the dark.

During their romantic encounters and passionate love-making adventures, the two bond over their painful past, completely ignorant of the storm that is rising.


Bunty Aur Babli 2

December 2021

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Crime Comedy

Director: Varun V. Sharma

Starring: Siddhant Chaturvedi; Saif Ali Khan; Rani Mukerji; Sharvari Wagh


After being set loose by JCP Dashrath Singh, Rakesh Trivedi (Saif Ali Khan) and his wife Vimmi Saluja Trivedi (Rani Mukerji) retired from cheating people with the brand “Bunty Aur Babli” for money.

Chaddha (Neeraj Sood), along with his rich friends, decides to invest in a “party nation” run by Chaddha’s assistant and friend. However, it soon becomes clear that Chaddha and his associates have been duped, and the perpetrators, disclosed to be Kunal Singh (Siddhant Chaturvedi) and Sonia Rawat (Sharvari Wagh), adopt the alias “Bunty Aur Babli” after hearing stories of the original “Bunty Aur Babli” who were never caught, in the hopes of actually referring capture.

After facing them with the “Bunty Aur Babli” incident, Inspector Jatayu Singh, who formerly operated as JCP Dashrath’s junior, declines to believe their word for it and keeps them under prison monitoring. Despite these attempts, Varanasi Mayor Chutvaa Chaubey is once again duped by “Bunty Aur Babli,” albeit on a positive note. Regardless, a furious Rakesh and Vimmi vow to track down whoever is stealing their identity and seize the flag, claiming to be the actual participants. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game and, later, a war between the two con-couples as the duo discovers Kunal’s and Sonia’s identities, culminating in a con job in Abu Dhabi.



November 2021

P.C : Chhorii Poster


Director: Vishal Furia

Starring: Nushrratt Bharuccha


When Hemant (Saurabh Goyal) and his eight-month pregnant wife Sakshi (Nushrrat Bharrucha) face financial difficulties, they are compelled to abandon the city for a few days. When their devoted driver Kajla (Rajesh Jias) comes to their rescue, he gives them refuge at his home, which is located in the heart of a large sugarcane plantation far from the city. Kajla’s wife, Bhanno Devi (Mita Vashisht), offers to look after Sakshi there.

There are some ghostly entities prowling about the house and grounds, which Sakshi and Hemant are unaware of. Sakshi soon comes upon three children who are always running about the area, with a woman dressed in a red sari enjoying hide-and-seek with them. To make matters worse, a mysterious radio playing a lullaby arrives and disappears on a regular basis, leading Sakshi to believe that there is more to the location than meets the eye.


Sardar Udham Singh

October 2021

P.C : bollyy

Historical Drama

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Starring: Vicky Kaushal


Udham is a teenager laboring in a textile mill nearby Amritsar in 1919, with a mute girlfriend. General Dyer, acting on orders from O’Dwyer, opens fire on a gathering of 20,000 peaceful protestors inside Jallianwala Bagh on April 13, 1919. Udham is sleeping through the carnage, unconscious of what is going on around him, until his friend wakes him up, badly injured and bleeding heavily. When he learns of the carnage, he rushes to the scene to assist. It is seen that Udham, with the help of a few other volunteers, locates survivors and transports them to a temporary hospital that is overburdened. He is executed as a photograph of Bhagat Singh is displayed, taken during Bhagat Singh’s final days in captivity.

Udham Singh’s ashes were taken to India after India’s independence at the behest of Punjab Chief Minister Giani Zail Singh and buried in the Sutlej river. His ashes were buried next to those of his idol Bhagat Singh.

Gen. Dyer and O’Dwyer deliver their personal accounts to the Hunter Commission in the final scene.


Bell Bottom

September 2021

P.C : boxofficeworldwide

Action Thriller

Director: Ranjit Tiwari

Starring: Akshay Kumar; Vaani Kapoor; Lara Dutta


The film is a fictitious version of the Khalistani separatists’ hijackings in the 1980s. Several Indian airlines were hijacked between 1981 and 1984, usually by Khalistani rebels and militants.

Bell Bottom is mostly about the August 1984 hijacking, but it also draws inspiration from earlier occurrences, such as the August 1982 hijacking, in which a police officer dressed as a pilot boarded the plane and overcame the hijackers with the support of the passengers.

On August 24, 1984, now over a month later Indian Airlines flight IC 405 was hijacked, a group of seven hijackers took control of Indian Airlines flight IC 421, which was travelling from Delhi to Srinagar. The flight from Srinagar, India, was diverted to Lahore, Pakistan. Though reports dispute the actual number of passengers, the Aviation Safety Network reported 74 people on board and no injuries.

From the moment the hijackers, all in their twenties, surged into the cockpit until they surrendered, the passengers and crew were locked on board for over 36 hours (to authorities in Dubai). It was the biggest hijacking in Indian aircraft history at the time.

The hijacking was successfully completed with minimal casualties thanks to the joint efforts of Indian and UAE officials at the time. However, the film’s release is currently prohibited in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, reportedly due to historical inaccuracy.



August 2021

P.C : onmanorama

Biography Action Romance 

Director: Vishnuvardhan

Starring: Sidharth Malhotra; Kiara Advani


‘Palampur ka seedha saadha launda’ is the title of the story. Vikram Batra (Sidharth Malhotra) is the son of a teacher who dreams of one day helping his country. He is so enamoured with the army outfit that he uses it to every school function. He grows up in order to be ready for his dream, and just before his examinations, he finds love with an ordinary Dimple (Kiara Advani).

Vikram, on the verge of abandoning his ‘army’ dream in favour of the Merchant Navy in order to impress the girl’s father with more money, is wisely encouraged by his friend Sunny (Sahil Vaid). He leaves to become a lieutenant and earns the respect of his teammates by apprehending the most heinous terrorists in the area. With his present regiment, he will fight Pakistani militants ambushing the LOC in the Kargil War. Vikram Batra leads his side to reclaim two of the important points, giving the entire country a chance to celebrate, which is now known as ‘Vijay Divas’ (16th December).



July 2021

P.C : Khas Khabar

Sport Drama

Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Starring: Farhan Akhtar; Paresh Rawal; Mrunal Thakur; Hussain Dalal



Aziz Ali is a Mumbai streetfighter who lives in Dongri. He works for Mahesh (Vijay Raaz), a local thug, as an extortionist. Farhan is Ajju Bhai when he isn’t beating the bejesus out of men or purchasing shoes and clothes for orphans in his building. Whereas Aziz is a formal name offered to him for his personality, Farhan is Ajju Bhai when he isn’t beating the bejesus out of men. It not only buys him goodwill, but also the opportunity to leave his squalid lifestyle behind.

Despite the slashes, sutures, and snitches, Aziz receives the respect and love he deserves. In the film, Mehra’s portrayal of a love storyline receives equal prominence to Aziz’s blows. Making a Muslim boy find love with a Hindu girl, as well as the very real challenges they confront while house-hunting in Mumbai, makes your skin crawl and makes you sigh at the embarrassing truth of our so-called enlightened society.

Aziz’s hot-headed, nearly pragmatic coach, Nana Prabhu, is likewise played by Paresh Rawal. Prabhu enjoys training the finest boxers in India during the day and discussing religious viewpoints over cocktails at night. When he expresses his discriminatory opinions, his powerful portrayal in the film takes a backseat, and he eventually disowns his Hindu daughter (played by Mrunal Thakur) for finding love with his Muslim student.

Toofan is a film with a compelling background, and its protagonist is a boxer who triumphs in life as a real champion.


Good Newwz

February 2020

P.C : indianexpress

Comedy Drama

Director: Raj Mehta

Starring: Akshay Kumar; Kareena Kapoor Khan; Diljit Dosanjh; Kiara Advani



Varun and Deepti Batra (Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor), a well-to-do Mumbai-based couple, are unable to have a child despite being married for seven years. Deepti is eager to embrace parenthood as her biological clock ticks away, to the point where Varun tells her that he, too, wants to be a father, but ‘aisa nahi ki bedroom jaate hue aisa lage ki surgical strike ke liye jaa raha hoon’. 

After failing to conceive despite their best attempts and being pushed by their family, the couple ends up in a high-end IVF clinic managed by Dr Joshi and his wife (Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra), who specialise in delivering ‘positive news.’ Varun and Deepti are told after a few days after the process that there has been a sperm mix-up with another couple named Batras. (Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh) The two couples then have a collision of sensibilities and go on a voyage of laughter and tears.



May 2020

P.C : indiatoday


Director: Anubhav Sinha

Starring: Taapsee Pannu



Thappad is a narrative about Amrita, a woman whose life appears to be flawless. She appeared to get everything a typical married lady could want: a loving husband, kind in-laws, and a comfortable lifestyle. Her life, however, is turned upside down when her spouse smacks her while at a party. Amrita files for divorce and is confronted with one question throughout the film: “Is one slap enough to call into question everything a relationship stands for?”

In Thappad, Taapsee Pannu’s character is shown pondering whether she has been doing the right thing at several points. Throughout the film, many other women are influenced by Taapsee Pannu’s character Amrita and begin to question their own worth in their families. Amrita’s maid, for example, who was a victim of violence, eventually refuses to yield to societal constraints and replies to the violence.

Amrita, played by Taapsee Pannu, and her husband finalise their divorce near the end of the film. Her spouse informs her that he has resigned from his work in Hampstead since he does not have a place to live without her. After apologising for all he did, he asks her to continue seeing him as a friend, and they both finish things on a nice note.


Pati Patni Aur Woh

January 2020

P.C : digit

Comedy Romance

Director: Mudassar Aziz

Starring: Kartik Aaryan; Bhumi Pednekar; Ananya Panday; Aparshakti Khurana



The story is set in Kanpur, a North Indian city. Chintu (Kartik Aaryan), a middle-aged gentleman, is dissatisfied with his life and lifestyle. Vedika (Bhumi Pednekar) is his ambitious and aggressive wife. They’ve been married for three years and have hit a barrier of distance and ignorance. Tapasya (Ananya Panday), a stunning Delhiite designer who arrives in Kanpur to open a shop and is assisted by Chintu, enters the picture. Chintu is whipped by her, so he fabricates a narrative about his wife being an unfaithful woman in order to gain Tapasya’s compassion. To cut a long story short, Tapasya is wooed by Chintu, and when Vedika learns of Chintu’s dishonesty, she gives him up. Finally, Chintu realizes Vedika’s importance and desires to reclaim her.

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