Tirupur Kumaran- The man who held the flag till his last breath

Tirupur Kumaran- The man who held the flag till his last breath

Early life

Kumaran was raised in Tirupur, a town close to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The British chose to imprison Gandhi after he spearheaded a rally in Bombay in 1932. There were riots and demonstrations around the nation, along with a patriotic procession in Tirupur led by Thyagi P S Sundaram. Individuals took the national flag, which was outlawed at the moment, in respect as well as in defiance during the riots. Tirupur Kumaran was among the volunteers who carried the flag. OKSR Kumaraswamy Mudaliar was born into a weaver household in Chennimalai, which is now Erode, Tamil Nadu.

. Kumaran’s inspiration

Kumaran was inspired by the independence campaign that was growing rapidly across the nation. Kumaran took an active part in the Bapu-announced protests after being motivated by Gandhi’s values and objectives. He was one of the youth activists that took part, but he left his imprint. Tirupur Kumaran was his nickname. The DesaBandhu Youth Association was founded by Kumaran.

. The incident that made him the Unsung Hero

On January 11, 1932, he was hoisting the Indian National Flag, which the British had forbidden. This infuriated British officers, who started attacking protestors, including Kumaran, demanding that he take down the flag. Kumaran refused to vacate the building when the British began using lethal force on the protestors. The British officers were severely beating them. They began assaulting all of the demonstrators, including Kumaran, who was caught in the crossfire. Despite his injuries, he was discovered dead carrying the flag.  Kumaran, brave as he was, had no fear of death or recrimination for proclaiming his love for his homeland. This earned him the appellation Kodi Kaththa Kumaran.

. Achievements

The State government announced a G.O. on October 3, 2021, designating a roadway in Erode Sampath Nagar honouring the late freedom warrior. On the event of his birth anniversary on October 4, the current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Sri M.K. Stalin, designated a road. He dedicated the ‘Thiyagi Kumaran Road’ sign board. The route passes through the Erode Collectorate, affectionately known as ‘Kodi Katha Kumaran.’


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