Unsung Heros

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Major Mohit Sharma life story and How he became Major Mohit Sharma to Iftikhar Bhatt

Major Mohit Sharma was an Indian Army officer who was shot down on 21 March 2009 in the Kupwara district of North Kashmir during an encounter with terrorists. He was a member of the 1 Para (SF) unit, and he was leading directly his Bravo Assault Team when the terrorists attacked. 

Mamta Rawat- The woman who risked her life to save hundreds of people during the Himalayan floods

Mamta, a native of uttarakhand could not complete her schooling However she is the only bread earner of her family. She works as a forest ranger for trekking parties in addition to her part-time job as a NIM coach.

Arunima Sinha – Made it to the top despite being yanked off the train and losing a leg

Arunima was brought into the world in Uttar Pradesh by Ambedkar Nagar on 20 July 1989. Prior to recognizing her passion for Volleyball, Arunima used to cherish cycling and football during her childhood days. Her mom was a wellbeing professional and her father was in the Indian Army

Tirupur Kumaran- The man who held the flag till his last breath

Kumaran was inspired by the independence campaign that was growing rapidly across the nation. Kumaran took an active part in the Bapu-announced protests after being motivated by Gandhi’s values and objectives. He was one of the youth activists that took part, but he left his imprint.