Web Series to watch in Netflix

If you’re one of those people who spends large amounts of time on Netflix seeking for something to watch and the rest of their time alone, here’s a sorted list of Netflix original web series to watch next.


1. Elite

Thriller and Teen drama

Netflix’s trying to cut teenage drama has just released its fifth season, and it’s already generating a stir.

The show covers the lives, loves, and highs and lows of kids at the private boarding school Las Encinas in Spanish with English translations. This savage teen drama, which is a mix of Euphoria, Skins, and Riverdale, will have you gasping at some of its players’ harsh behaviours and helplessly addicted in no time.


2. Love

Comedy, drama, and romance

A show with a terribly worded title that follows a couple as they navigate the thrills and pains of intimacy, commitment, and other things they hoped to avoid.

Yes, if you don’t mind being a little screwed up or real afterward.


3. Narcos

Biography, Crime, and Drama 

Narcos is based on a true narrative of the rise and expansion of cocaine drug cartels around the world, as well as law enforcement’s efforts to confront them in a violent, bloody war. It revolves around Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura), a legendary Colombian drug kingpin, and Steve Murphy (Holbrook), a DEA agent dispatched to Colombia on a US mission to arrest and kill him.

Check out the trailer. You’ll want to see it after that.


4. Bridgerton

Regency romance and Period drama

Based on Julia Quinn’s romantic fiction, this daring and overtly sexual Netflix period drama has swiftly become the buzz of the ‘town.’ It follows a bunch of young high society as they navigate a season of balls, betrothals, and betrayals in 1813 London – and try to outsmart Lady Whistledown, whose ‘gossip sheets’ may make or shatter a debutante’s image in an instant.

It’s mostly a blast, with snappy storytelling, vibrant costumes and sets, and fun versions of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed on period instruments. Its diverse ensemble is also a welcome relief, demonstrating Bridgertons desire to modernise and liven up a stale genre. It isn’t all pleasant sailing, though, as evidenced by one particularly troubling episode in season 1 that dealt with sexual assault.

Season 2 has just arrived on Netflix, thus it has to be included in our list of the top Netflix programmes.


5. The Witcher

Action,Adventure, Fantasy, and Serial dramm

Netflix’s most famous fantasy epic has returned back to our screens after a two-year break. The Witcher is a television version of Andrzej Sapkowski’s best-selling novels, which have also been converted into a series of popular video games. It’s a treat if you were upset by the finale of Game of Thrones. In a plot that spans centuries and national wars, Henry Cavill portrays beast hunter Geralt of Rivia. Season 2 brings him together with other fan favourites from the novels, making the show’s season 2 even greater than the first.

The Witcher isn’t exactly as ‘prestige’ television as Game of Thrones attempted to be, but that isn’t always a negative thing. It’s a fun, humorous, action-packed, and tragic fantasy series that will appeal to both Witcher enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Season 3 is also still in the works.


6. You

Psychological thriller

You is back for a third pandemic-delayed season, with Penn Badgley’s anxious Joe Goldberg playing a father as he settles down in the suburbs with hazardous partner Love (Victoria Pedretti). Of course, things don’t stay regular for long, but we’ll let you find out for yourself.

Just know that if you’re in the right state of mind for it, this knotty, twist-heavy, and occasionally absurd programme is fantastic. It also manages to keep you involved with every scene, while concentrating on a character who is so toxic on paper — little wonder Netflix has extended it for a season 4.


7. Squid Game

Thriller drama

Squid Game is Netflix’s greatest Television program ever, shattering all sorts of records in 2021 and ensuring that future productions would have to put in a massive effort to even come close to claiming its reign. This South Korean drama, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, depicts a group of indebted individuals who are invited to participate in a secret survival game.

show, but you probably already knew that. Squid Game, like Bong Joon-Parasite ho’s before it, uses class division as a trigger for violence, satirising reality television by pitting 456 competitors against each other in a series of kid-friendly games with lethal twists. Although it borrows themes from Battle Royale (which inspired The Hunger Games series), this show is nevertheless a unique and exciting way to spend your evenings.

The producer has also indicated that a second season is in the works.


8. Sex Education

Comedy drama,Sex comedy and Teen drama

This British comedy, starring Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield, as well as a host of previously unknown actors, is a delight. The film follows the kids, parents, and teachers at Moordale Secondary School, where Butterfield portrays Otis, the son of sex therapist Dr. Jean Milburn (Anderson). He hooks up with Maeve (Emma Mackey) to start their own in-school sex education clinic, where they can help other students with their problems.

It’s a compassionate and heartwarming show that brilliantly examines current themes of biological sex and sexuality, and it’s also incredibly humorous. There’s no greater moment than now to get up on this show, especially since season 3 is now available on Netflix. Season 4 has now been announced.


9. Sweet Tooth

Fantasy drama

The latest comic book movie from Netflix has nothing to do with superheroes. This comment fantasy series follows a half-human, half-deer youngster as he searches for a new life among the ruins of America with the help of a hardened protector.

Sweet Tooth is a must-see for anyone looking for something that’s almost like cosy family viewing but with a twist. If you like it, you should check out Jeff Lemire’s fantastic comics, which the show is based on. A surprising addition to our list of the top Netflix shows? Maybe, but with a second season of Sweet Tooth on the way, it’ll be around for a bit longer.


10. Money Heist

Crime drama and Comedy drama

Don’t be put off by the rather amusing name. Money Heist, also known in Spanish-speaking countries as La Casa del Papel, is a dramatic heist drama about a bunch of thieves who are brought together by an enigmatic character known as The Professor to loot the Royal Mint of Spain. This is an odd and cunning heist show that will capture you immediately away, with complex characters, major surprises, and career-making performances.

Money Heist has also gained a large following in the English-speaking world. If you haven’t seen it yet, a fresh series of episodes has just been released on Netflix, giving you a total of 31 episodes to watch, divided into two unique overall stories about the same cast of individuals.

This series may be the best Netflix show you haven’t watched yet, and now that all five parts are out, it’s the ideal moment to binge watch it.


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